Alpha inside the Alpha Armour.

"One thing I must do to win the battle....and that is draw my sword."
— Alpha

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Alpha is the user RP character of OneDragonball.


Kamehameha (All Versions)

Finale Canon

I'm done!

Finger Bombs

Dragon Fist

Spirit Bomb

Spirit Fist

Meet ya in Hell


Big Finish!

Karma Kanon

Nickels and Dimes

Finale Slice


- Base

- Mystical Armour

- Super Saiyan 1 - 4

- Pure Karma Mode

- Inpure Karma Mode

- Alpha Armour

Swords and ETCEdit

- Sword of Fate (Rarely seen using)

- Karma Blade

- Alpha Blade

- Fist of Destruction (Sort of a gaunlet)